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Joyful and Triumphant

Do we look for it, or does it catch us unaware?

A moment that can frame a day, a season.

Warmth bringer in cold times

A precious element in a rocky journey.

Grains trickle over nude toes,

Tender waves tickle arches and nails.

Light skipping like a stone,

Ever-changing, but a constant.

Lying in twisted sheets,

Grey light permeates the pane,

Natures choristers warming the day,

Swooping high and shallow.

Fontanelles encased in soft down,

an aroma like no other,

a wistful smile and glowing heart,

life forever changed.

A sabbath day treat,

New drama, encased in twists,

Plots thicken and then,

A sudden gasp, wide eyed surprise.

A heaving mass of rhythmic soul,

Clenched and swaying,

A front mans swagger brings surge and envy,

Captured in a verses call.

Mondays dull ache and struggle,

Classes amble and struggle,

Then suddenly an awakening,

A sea of hands, pure reward.

The opening bar, a crescendo in noise.

Projected back, moments in three minutes,

Words that stay a lifetime,

Lifting over troubled waters.

Then a muscles insignificant flex,

Bodies inner light-switch launched,

A stranger, a mother, a child,

From despair to hope.

So what does it bring?

Where can it take us?

Accelerate us away from the dark,

Enter our hearts and stay; joy.

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