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Andy Hatchard

Twitter @HatchardMr

About Us

Poole Home Tutoring Services

About Me

I am a teacher and tutor with a vast amount of experience. I specialise in tutoring Key Stage 2 pupils but have experience in Key Stages 1-5.

I have been teaching since 1995 and I have worked as a class teacher, tutor, and in senior leadership. I started teaching A-Level and GCSE and have now become vastly experienced in Year 6 teaching Maths and Literacy.

I also have four children of my own who have attended local Poole Schools.

I also love writing and reading. I am partway through a number of writing projects and some of my efforts are on the site. Kind feedback welcome lol 

SATs Tests begin Tuesday 9th May 2023

Grammar School Tests (11+) - Saturday, 23 September 2023

Upcoming Events:
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